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Jul 19, 2018

Adrien Belanger interviews filmmaker Hayden Dib about his life in filmmaking, and what it means to be creative in 2018.

Topics discussed include Hayden's early inspiration (1:25), his academic failures (8:22), his first paid work (12:48), how ice hockey cured his depression (18:12), why film school is a waste of money (27:19), working with big brands at a PR agency (32:28), how he ended up in London (47:10), why gear is overrated (50:22), being creative vs being "a creative" (58:47), tips & tricks on how to get your content seen (1:02:23), the Star Wars Christmas Special (1:06:29), Kyrie Irving's "Uncle Drew" videos (1:08:49), thoughts on IGTV (1:15:48), social media fatigue (1:20:51), London expat life (1:25:58), home-cooked Lebanese food (1:29:00), the World Cup (1:31:19), what Hayden's watching (1:35:08) and more.

Episode number: 7

Sponsor: CrackerJack

Guest: Hayden Dib (@haydendib)

Producer: Adrien Belanger (@adrienbelanger)

Engineer: Matthew Blair (@mattiblair)

Music: Matthew Blair (@mattiblair)